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wisdom teethMy name is Emma, I am the manager at Southgate Dental in Drogheda. I absolutely love my job and more importantly I love teeth.


Do we or don’t we need wisdom teeth?

wisdom teethThe removal of wisdom teeth is not always justified, although its extraction is one of the most frequent dental surgical interventions. But when do they have to be removed?

Dryness of the mouth can be dangerous!

mouth drynessAlmost everybody has experienced continuous dryness of the mouth. What is more elderly people experience it much more often therefore they especially have to pay attention to it. We are going to tell you why mouth dryness should be dealt with.

Do women suffer more frequently from mouth illnesses?

women sufferIt is already a medically proven fact that women much more often have problems with the oral cavity. The background of it are the hormonal changes in the female organism.





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 I am a current customer of Southgate Dental. I am very happy with Southgate Dental. The office and surgery are sparkling clean and modern, the reception staff are at the top of their field, friendly and very helpful. As a nervous patient the entire staff helped put my mind at ease. The dentist himself was very informative and gave me mutipul choices on treatments which i did not get elsewhere. The work so far is of excellent quality and i would have no problem recommending Southgate Dental to any of my friends or family. To top off all the good that is Southgate Dental the one thing that first attracted me to their office was the price. I am paying upto 40% less than i was quoted in Dublin. 

Patient: Derek Andrews


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