Do we or don’t we need wisdom teeth?

wisdom teethThe removal of wisdom teeth is not always justified, although its extraction is one of the most frequent dental surgical interventions. But when do they have to be removed?

Wisdom teeth are unique, they generally appear in the oral cavity much later than the other teeth. The average cutting out of the wisdom tooth is typical at the age of 18-20. Because of its later appearance logically they should start deteriorating later as well but due to their inconvenient cleanability they decay sooner.

The root structure of wisdom teeth is totally inordinate and if they inflame its treatment is difficult, hence its removal is suggested. Wisdom teeth often have to be removed because of the abnormal location of the tooth. It is many times in a horizontal or a half horizontal position and so called grows into the tooth in front of it, thus loading the the entire denture.

Bags forming around wisdom teeth inflame more often therefore removal is suggested. Unfortunatelly due to the inconvenient location wisdom teeth can only be removed with surgical intervention in many cases. If the wedged-in wisdom tooth is not removed even serious complications can emerge.

When is it worth to decide on having the wisdom tooth removed?

  • if there is not sufficient room for the cutting out the the wisdom tooth,
  • if inflamation and pain are repeated,
  • if the wisdom tooth presses the entire denture,
  • if it causes the absorption of the root of the tooth in front of it,
  • if bag forming can be observed around it where bacteria multiply,
  • during orthodontics.

At our dentisrtry properly experienced dentists and dental surgeons carry out the extraction of wisdom teeth which of course is performed totally painfree. It is important that after the removal of wisdom teeth the same advice after tooth removal is true about which our dentists inform you. Make an appointment today and say good-bye to your wisdom tooth problems forever!





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Patient: Derek Andrews


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