Do women suffer more frequently from mouth illnesses?

women sufferIt is already a medically proven fact that women much more often have problems with the oral cavity. The background of it are the hormonal changes in the female organism.

Female hormonal changes in the mouth influence the blood flow of the gum and affect the reactions during which fur develops from toxic material.

In a woman’s life there can be five periods when due to changes evolving in their organisms oral illnesses develop more easily.

1. At the age of puberty at the time of production of estrogen and progesterone the gum is red, sensitive and often bleed while cleaning the teeth.

2. In case of the monthly menstrual period as an effect of hormonal changes the gum and saliva glands are frequently swollen, red and can bleed more easily. Menstrual gum inflammation starts one or two days before the period and continues until the beginning of it.

3. When taking contraceptive pills the hormone level of the organism grows which can contibute to the imflammation of the gum.

4. At the time of pregnancy the hormone level of the organism changes and this can be a serious reason of gum inflammation between the second and eighth months of the pregnancy.

5. At the time of climax with aging there are several changes one should count with in the oral cavity as well. For example the alteration of the perception of flavours, sensibility or dryness of the mouth can be expostulatory signs.

In case you have experienced any of these states or would like to avoid the unpleasant oral cavity problems of these periods visit us. Our dentists are experts of the topic, thus can surely help and give advice.





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