Dryness of the mouth can be dangerous!

mouth drynessAlmost everybody has experienced continuous dryness of the mouth. What is more elderly people experience it much more often therefore they especially have to pay attention to it. We are going to tell you why mouth dryness should be dealt with.

A dryness mouth can cause not only unpleasant feelings but other illnesses of the oral cavity as well. Its reason is that due to the dryness saliva is not suffiecient for neutralizing the acids in the fur and for keeping the mouth partially clean.

At an older age excessive consumption of medicine plays an important role in the establishment of mouth dryness, because a lot of medicaments cause dry mouth as a side effect. Care should be taken when using antidepressants, tranquillizers, medications used in the treatment of Parkinson-disease, diuretics, antiallergetics or products used in pharmaceutical diets. In this case ask for our dentists’ advice, as they can possibly suggest a product with similar impact without the side effect of mouth dryness.

How can the problems of the oral cavity be avoided? Clean your teeth at least twice, but rather more a day with toothpastes containing fluoride and use dental floss every day. Visit our dentists at our clinic twice a year to assess the state of your oral cavity with a thorough examination and control. If you already suffer from dry mouth ask your dentist by all means what they advise for releasing it.





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