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Southgate was thrilled to welcome Brooke and her little sisters Bella and Heather to the clinic today. Really great kids so well behaved and surprisingly all excited to have a go in the dental chair.

Brooke is 6 yrs old and we would like to congratulate her forward thinking Mam, for noticing some bad habits, for bringing her EARLY for Orthodontic Assessment and for investing in her child's general and dental health.

There are some misconceptions out there that you should wait until your child has all their adult teeth before commencing orthodontic treatment. While in some cases this maybe true, if you can catch and correct a problem/habit earlier it can reduce the length of time braces (fixed appliances) are required, if at all.



At 6 Brooke is an ideal candidate for myofunctional therapy. This therapy has proven documented results for correcting oral habits, such as, mouth breathing, reverse swallowing, tongue thrusting etc... which can cause poor dental development and lead to crooked teeth among other health issues. 


All of which can be corrected by retraining with new habits.


This treatment is less invasive, has less discomfort for the child and depends fully on the child's compliance. We are very lucky with Brooke, as we know from speaking with her and her mam she knows and fully understands what is involved with treatment and is excited about her new removable appliance and exercises.


If your child is a mouth breather, has a reverse swallow, tongue thrust or if you notice crowding of their teeth, early intervention is the key, to better and more stable results long term.


If you think that your child could benefit from this therapy we encourage you to take the time to invest in their health and find out about myofunctional therapy.


You can call us to arrange an apt on 041-9818800 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or check out to get more information.








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 I am a current customer of Southgate Dental. I am very happy with Southgate Dental. The office and surgery are sparkling clean and modern, the reception staff are at the top of their field, friendly and very helpful. As a nervous patient the entire staff helped put my mind at ease. The dentist himself was very informative and gave me mutipul choices on treatments which i did not get elsewhere. The work so far is of excellent quality and i would have no problem recommending Southgate Dental to any of my friends or family. To top off all the good that is Southgate Dental the one thing that first attracted me to their office was the price. I am paying upto 40% less than i was quoted in Dublin. 

Patient: Derek Andrews


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