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My name is Tara and I just wanted to share my experience I’ve had with Southgate Dental in Drogheda. I had my implant done in Sept 2015.


I went to Southgate as I wanted to get an implant to replace a damaged Tooth. After my first apt the Dentist gave me the breakdown of prices and procedures needed and he recommended that I have a new procedure done to help with the healing process called the PRGF System, its where they take some blood from you, mix in a machine and it comes out like a jelly and they put it back in to help with the healing process.


I decided to go with this procedure as I wanted to help the healing process as much as I could. On the morning I arrived and the staff were so friendly and always put you at ease, the dentist explained the procedure again and started to take my blood. I did think I hate getting my blood taken and thought this could be painful! How wrong I was, I barely felt the needle going in and within a minute my blood was taken and being mixed. 


As I waited to go in to surgery again the staff were great and explained what was happening step by step. I started to get the bad tooth pulled, which other than feeling pressure, there was no pain at all. Then they drilled the hole and put the implant in and put the jelly, which was my blood in as well, to help with the healing I got some stitches also. I knew they were drilling because I could hear the drill, but I felt no pain and the process was over with very quick, still no pain!!!


On-going home I’d been told I could have some pain & swelling which is normal, so I got my pain killers and antibiotics for later on. I had the procedure done at 11am ish so thought by 8pm that night the injection they gave me that morning should be wearing off, but I’d still no pain at all just a head ache. I took one pain killer going to bed just in case, expecting to wake up the next day with a swollen face and pain and not be able to eat, but nothing!! NO PAIN, NO SWELLING, NO NOTHING. I felt great the only thing that was hard was remembering to eat on the other side of my mouth!!  


The staff called me the next morning to see how I was feeling and they were as nice as always, I was fine and eating no problem. I went back two weeks later for a check-up and so far all is great and healing well, no pain at all so just waiting for the next stage of my tooth.


I would 150% recommend getting this procedure done if anyone this thinking about it. If my healing process was the way it was because of PRGF System then it was worth every penny for no pain or swelling from such a massive operation, well worth it!!


I hope you find this information helpful.


Good Luck,








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 I am a current customer of Southgate Dental. I am very happy with Southgate Dental. The office and surgery are sparkling clean and modern, the reception staff are at the top of their field, friendly and very helpful. As a nervous patient the entire staff helped put my mind at ease. The dentist himself was very informative and gave me mutipul choices on treatments which i did not get elsewhere. The work so far is of excellent quality and i would have no problem recommending Southgate Dental to any of my friends or family. To top off all the good that is Southgate Dental the one thing that first attracted me to their office was the price. I am paying upto 40% less than i was quoted in Dublin. 

Patient: Derek Andrews


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